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The Winter King Part 1

Chapter 1

Sansa stood with a smile on her lips at her window and watched the magic fire. Green flames licked at the wall of King's Landing.
She smelled the flesh of the burning bodys, heard the screams of Lanister soldiers and her heart beat faster. There was also the shouting and laughing of the strange horde of giants behind the wall.
The few she could see looked a bit like the Snowwalker the old nanny in Winterfell had told her about. And Bran. And Arya. This seemed a thousand years ago.
But these snowwalkers were blue like dirty ice, not white like snow. They were quick and sharp moving and danced more than they fought. Not the slow walk her nanny had told about the others. These giants were alive and strong - and killers.
The world is built by killers“, she heard the Hound's last words in her mind.
He was here before. To save her, so he said. He truly thought these giants outside the wall would hurt her.
Sansa needed all her strength and courtesy to play the fearful maiden, but at last she had said no.
He was a ugly, stinky, drunken dog … but she would not kick him.
He had saved her pretty face often enough, that she never would forget. At the end he was to oproud to beg – the Gods are good! - and let go. She tried to calm him and sent him away.
Let the mother look after him“, Sansa thought and suddenly she heard the loud crackling sound of breaking wood. She could not see the Gate of Mudwater, but the shouts of triumph from the giants was answer enough.
King's Landing will fall tonight. But for what?“, she thought. „Will he have me or his revenge?“
Could he forget Sansas choice? A choice she had made when she had been very young and very stupid.
She could have had the Winter Prince, a year ago. Although in exil for the moment and at this time without an own kingdom. But he was gentle and brave and strong and her father liked him very much.
By remembering her father, Sansas eyes started to fill with tears.
She had murdered her father, this she understood now. Murdered him with her wrong choice for the young and handsome prince of King's Landing.
I had forgotten I am the blood of Winterfell“, Sansa thought. „The Winter Prince would had suited me well – not the Summer Prince. And my father had to die for this.“
All the things that had happened to her seemed like her punishment for her betrayal. The beatingby the knights, the stripping in front of the court, the riot and the violence against her.

Sansa sighed and tried to follow the fight under her window. Now she could watch the giants better. Blue skinned, red eyed, shouting, joyfully laughing, they smashed all living souls on the streets. This was no battle. This was slaughter.
So near by her window, the green magic fire like daylight, she realized the shiny knives in the hands of the giants were no knives. There were the giant's hands, morphed into sharp, icy spears.
Dead bodys piled against the inner wall and blood covered the cobbles in front of the Red Keep. She understood completly why the Hound was so afraid. Her own fear lay like a stone in her stomach. With wild beating heart and dry mouth Sansa saw the blue giants entering the Red Keep.
What will happen to all the women?“ The question hit her like a massive blow. If she was the queen, she would ask for mercy. She would beg to leave the women alone and take her instead. A queen had to be more valuable than a high lady.
Ceisei“, Sansa whispered. This queen knew only one form of mercy. Sir Illen's sword.
Slow panic started to burn in Sansa. Should she go back and try to help? But what could she do? She was not the queen, she was only a traitor's daughter and a sweet slice of cake, she recalled bitterly. But Sansa prayed to the gods to have mercy, for Ceisei, too. She prayed so hard to the old gods, someone must have heard her!

Suddenly there were heavy footsteps near her chamber. Now it would happen. Someone came for her.
With shaking knees she sidled without a noise into shadow of the door, so she could watch the entering person before he saw her.
Breathlessly Sansa saw the door open slowly, and the silhouette of a tall human entered her bedroom.
He held a candle in his right hand, which he raised to bring more light into her chamber.
By this light she recognized him. His hair laid now long and wild on his back and he was in full amour of heavy green leather and metal plating, which she had never sawn on him before.
The year before she left Winterfell, he was a gentle, joyfull man. But now he was one of them. A killer. Sansa saw this in the way he moved, the way he stood.
Suddenly he turned his head ,and his green eyes caught hers.
Sansas heart stopped for a moment. His face had changed most. His youth and freshness was gone and replaced by pale skin and deep sunken eyes. There was a shimmer of rage and hunger in them, that made Sansa fear he had come finally just to hurt her.
"There you are“, he hissed. To Sansas relief he smiled softly. The exiled prince of frostland was not gone altogether.
With a careful move he went a step nearer and began: “I have a gift fo-“ but in this moment Sansa saw what this gift was, saw the fleshy thing of blond hair and blood and literally jumped in his arms.
My King!“, she laughed and cried at the same time and covered his face with kisses and tears.
Surprises he let go of her gift and Sansa heard the sound of flesh and bones droped on the ground and felt his strong embrace at the same moment.
Their lips found each other and she pressed her mouth harshly on his.
He was bitter and cold and spicy and for her it was the best she ever tasted. „This time I will not let him go“, she thought and licked his lips.

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