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The Winter King Part two

The Winter King Part one

Chapter two

The Red Keep was burning. Green Flames licked on the stonewall and burned the grout between the stones to ashes. „In the morning there will be no more stone on another“, realized Sansa.
She stood side by side with her king in front of the building and watched the group of Frostgiants inside the magic flames. They escorted a bunch of Highborn Lady's through the broken entrance door. The same woman Sansa sang the Hymne of Gentle Mother for. The Ladies recognized Sansa and like a collective the women curtsey in front of her.
Sansa smiled and step forward to them. „Don't be afraid“, she said with loud voice. „You are safe now.“ She caught Shae figure between the women and pointed with her hand to her. „This is my dressing maid.“, she informed the leader of the Giants. „She stays with me.“
The Frostgiant nodded and ask: „What shall we do with the others, my Queen?“
„My Queen“, Sansa felt a thrill. She lifted her chin and spoke: „On the westside of Kings Landing is a temple of the Silent Sisters. There they will be welcome.“
For a second Sansa was not sure if the Giant would follow her order. He looked at his King and back to Sansa. „As you wish“, he rasped finaly and gave his men a sign. The Giant soilders arounded the group of woman and started to lead them away from the Red Keep.

Suddenly Sansa heard the strong voice of her King. „Treated them gentle, Byleist. No harm shall come to the ladies.“
Byleist face showed frustration. „The men will be displeased“, he said with wispering voice.
Sansa hold on her breath. „This is his brother he told me before.“, she remembered. „The one who had the throne of Jötunheimr.“ She wondered what was passed that the brothers changed there positions.“
„Midgardian men would rape and kill the women. All of them.“, her king spat out „But we are not Midgardian, are we? We are Gods!“
For a moment the brothers watched each other. Than Byleist nodded. „You are right. Who can be show mercy if not we?“ He went to his men. „You hear your King. Lead them to the temple and leave them under survey of the Silent Sisters. Your Queen wish it so.“

Sansa watched the Frostgiants grumbling with grim faces. „Now it is my turn“, she though and step forward.„Don't pity yourself, my brave Frostgiants“, she spoke out loud. „The screaming of slaughtered men will sound better in your ears then the yelling of woman. You have more honour than the Lanisters, I know it! Prove it for yourself and you will see: there will be more fights and glorious battles on our way to Winterfell. You will have your joy!“
Silents fell over the Red Keep. All Giants seemed to watch Sansa.
„I can't look back again at my king“, she reminds herself. „They would think I am weak.“
Instead she braved to looked at Byleist with a smile „You know I am right.“
He started to grin. „Yes, my Queen.“, he spoke out loud enough to let his words heard by all his men. „We will be proud and honoured to kill for you.“
And as one men the Frostgiants raised there ice lances hands and shouted out: „To Winterfell!“

Her king beside her started to laugh and laid a arm around her shoulder. „Well done“, he rasped.
Sansa felt relief and proud. „I can do it“, she said to herself. „With the right words I can lead them, too.“
She turned her head to her King, caught a look from his emerald eyes and susurrate: „Kiss me, Loki!“
And he obeyed.

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