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The Winterking Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3:

We found him!“
Sansa turned to the familiar voice of Byleist. He came with a grim smile and a short men in his grip.
Lord Tyrion fitgeted with his legs in the air.
Let him down, please.“ Sansa had decided to give no direct orders to her new brother in law. It seemed not proper to her.
Ney, my Queen. He would try to run away. I have no time to catch him again!“ Byleist spoke unnerved.
He still thinks of me like just his brothers plaything – but not as a Queen“, Sansa thought. But he treated her gentler as she expected from him.
She smiled amused: „With his short legs he could not run far, would he?“
Byleist laughed and dropped Lord Tyrion on the ground.
The Dwarf looked at her surprisely.
She bowed down and helped him to his feets. Without a word the little man gave Shae a sorrowful look. „Are you alright, my lady?“
Sansa watched them both with growing astonish. „What is it, Shae?“, she asked her handmaid.
Nothing surprised her more than Shaes next words.
He is mine.“, proclaimed Shae with loud and proud voice. „He is my little lion.“

Amazed Byleist and Sansa changed a look. „Well, so many secrets in the Red Keep. And this must be a very dangerous one for Lord Tyrion.“, Sansa said to herself. Now she understood the replacement of the dressing maids and why Shae could not curtsy in the right way
But Byleist just said: „I will give you a bigger man, wench.“
Sansa started to laugh and shook her head. „I am sure you could, Byleist.“ She watched Tyrion and spoke: „When he is hers than she is his, how could we be against this?
I am glad to hear this.“ Lord Tyrion voice was strong for this dangerous situation he was in. „But excuse me, my lady, my I ask: why I am not already dead now?“

Sansa gave him a earnest look. „Because your heart is to big to be a truely Lanister. Because you are to clever to get killed. Because I know you are the best choice as the Hand of the Queen.“
Lord Tyrions face was empty but his eyes showed thousand questions. Finaly he asked: „Queen of what?“
Behind him Byleist chunter about Tyrions discourteously.
Sansa stood up and watched him with a cold vision. „I am Sansa Stark, daughter of Catelyn Tully and Eddard Stark. I am the blood of Winterfell. I am the rightful Queen of the North!“, she shouted down in Tyrions face.
She made a gesture with her hand over the burning place around them. „Let them have this Summer Kingdom and the stupid, sharp Throne. Winter will come to Kings Landing, too.“ She looked down to him and smiled. „They will die when the cold and dark days arrived. But the free people in the north will survive the Winter. We will BE the Winter!“

Sansa watched Lord Tyrion gulping. He looked again to Shae, who slowly nodded and back to Sansa.
Suddenly he smiled and bent a knee to the ground.
I apologize, my Queen. It would be a honour to be your hand.“ He looked up to Sansa and said with stern voice: „I am sure, I will earned your respect, my queen.“
So it is. It is all about acting. Finaly I played the game of thrones, too.“
Sansa laid a hand in Tyrions. „I think you will, Lionheart.“ On her side Shae sighed and Sansa understood. „Go“, she commanded. „Take your lady love and wait for us near the mud gate. The Highlord Byleist will give you some men for save escort.
This time Shae curtsy very proper and answered: „Thank you, my Queen for your mercy.“
Sansa smirked: „At least you made a better choice than me with Joffrey.“
Shae took Lord Tyrion by her hand and stepped careful forward. Byleist gave one of his Soldier a hint. „Lot, go back to the Hand Tower and collect all fur and warm cloaks you can find for the Queens hand and his mistress.“ The younger Giant ran to obey this command and some others joined Shae and Tyrion.
Byleist eyes watched the dwarf critically. „They call him Halfmen … the Lanister soldiers. We killed the most, but they died proud with this call on there lips.“ He catched Sansas eyes.
Sansa nodded. „Lord Tyrion is stronger and braver than the most men here in Kings Landing. And he is the smartest Midgardian I know.“
Byleist looked behind Sansa and started to smile. „Here comes our King!“
The group of Soldiers and Sansa followed Byleist's eyes. Also Lord Tyrion and Shae had stopped. Shae bowed down to her lion and whispered something in his ear.

He stepped out of the smoke and shadows, her shiny Frostgiant king.
His amour of gold and emerald green was covered with so much blood, it running down like water and dripped on his heavy leatherboots. His skin has changed to iceblue. The head covert with a golden ram helmet, his eyes shimmered under it red and fearless. He wore a childish wild grin on his face. „Like Bran when he is watching a firework“, Sansa thought.

Loki ignored the group around him and went to Sansa. He looked to his Queen only. Sansa realized a big glas bottle in his left arm. Inside swam in a liquid a familiar head. She started to answer Loki's grin.
I had not forget my gift, my King“, she said polite and took the bottle from his arm so carefull as if it was a nice smelling bouquet of flowers. Behind her, Lord Tyrion gasped.
She touched the blood on Lokis chest plating. „You are so diligently, I don't know how to thank you properly enough for all the wonders you showed me in one night!“
Her King laught rasply. „Oh, my Queen, don't fear so!“ He bowed to her ear with hungry eyes and said in a hushed tone: „I know exactly how do you could thank me properly ... later.“

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