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The Winterking Part 4

The Winterking Part 1
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The Winterking Part 3

While the Frostgiants took the Kings Road, Loki drew carefully a circular ornament in the ground of Mud Gate. Thanks to this magical feature he arrived with Sansa, Tyrion and Shae in the early morning at the Gates of Winterfell.
Sansa had just time to hug Maester Luwin and her survived brothers Bran and Rickon. Even befor they could went to break the fast, Sansa und Loki had there first fight.

What do you mean; Not until you wear my colors?“, hissed her King. He grabbed her and shook her in frustration. "My lady, remind your courtesy, remind your place! You will wear my colors early enough and I will have you NOW!"
Sansa took a deep breath. "I must make my point. Or we fight for all the things I want", she admonished herself. "I would LOVE to be yours, my king! You really don't know this?", she asked him enthusiastic. "But we both not common people. We can't just do like we want. Even because we will rule!"
Loki raised an eyebrow and set her free from his grip. "Explain yourself, my lady", he ordered grim.
I learned at the Court that a King - or a Queen - who did like he wanted is a selfish and bad leader. It sounds strange but we must first think about the people. Without them in our back we have no Kingdom to rule." While she talked Sansa watched Loki paced around impatiently in front of the fireplace.
I will be friendly to your peasants if this it is what you want", he grumbled.
"This is NOT what I want!", she replied sharply. “By the old gods, Loki! You lifed here, why you do don't know this!“
He looked at her, as he would see her for the first time.
"We must make them love us", Sansa went on. "Obey us willingly and not by pressure."
She joined her King by the fireplace and take his hand in hers. "Loki, this is the North. This people are not peasants. This are free men, who adored my father, who loved to follow the Lord of Winterfell. And you have to fill this vacuum!"
Her King nodded with a soft smile. "This is important, isn't it? The name, the colors and the signet? The north men need this, to know all is well."
"Yes", Sansa said. " This is the reason why you must wear the grey and the direwolf. Because this we must have a traditional wedding in the Godswoods. And the next morning the bloody sheet hanging from the tower."
Loki smirked. "So our men see all is well with the young wolf lady?"
Sansa closed her eyes a moment, the remembrance of another lady made her sad. "The old gods are good ... my new god listen to me", she prayed in silence.
They stands still in front of the fire place, his hand in hers. Without any words Sansa kneel for her god and king and looked up to him. She saw his eyes in surprise wide open.
"Loki Laufeyson", she started ernest. "Well, now this is clear between us ... would you give me the honour to take my color, my signet and my titel? Could you swear to help me protecting the free north against all enemies?“ Sansa smiled brightly. „At your realm you are the king. Here in the north YOU will be the Lord of Winterfell.“
With wide and wet eyes he listened to her wooing. As Sansa ended she saw him quickly blinked. He opened his mouth, shook his head and seemed not to find a word. Silently he helped her back to her feet and cleared his throat.
"First", he started, "the next time you dare to kneel before me I will beat you bloody." Loki lifted her chin with his fingers and looked deep in her eyes. "The Queen of the North will kneel for no one!"
Sansa began to chuckle.
"Second," he paused, watched Sansas Face and started to smile. "I apologize about my egoistic behavior. I still must learn to act like a king. But I try it, my dear Sansa."
Sansa lifted her face to his and kissed him gentle.
"Thirdly," , he spoke in her mouth, " of course I will wear your color, your signet and your titel! I will obey happily."
Sansa felt a load fell from her and started to relax.
"And fourthly," , he continued, "be the old gods have mercy with Maester Luwin! I will have it not, when he don't fix the wed arrangements till to morrow night!"
Sansa laughed out loud. "You could not wait just one more night? After more than a year?"
Her King embraced her and pressed her strong on his slender body. "Did this feels for you like someone who could wait?"

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